Multiple Competencies in Defense and Technology - Turkey’s Seasoned Experts, ONUR A.Ş

Designing Military and Civilian communication systems with low Life Cycle Costs that are highly Maintainable, Sustainable and Available, ONUR A.Ş participates in critical tenders in the international arena. In an exclusive Defence Turkey interview, ONUR A.Ş - General Manager, Mr. Noyan Burçin Dede discusses the company’s high-profile projects, dedicated history with the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and future infrastructure and plans

Issue 80 - March 2018

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Dede, you were assigned as the General Manager of ONUR A.Ş. last November.  What will ONUR’s vision be in this new era under your guidance? What plans and strategies will be identified for the new period? Where will ONUR position itself in Turkey and in the world market?