Muzzle Energy Record from TUFAN Electromagnetic Railgun System

Tarih: Issue 97 - January 2020

December 11, 2019, at the opening ceremony of the Electromagnetic Launch System Development Laboratory established at Aselsan facilities, the muzzle energy record was broken during firings with the Electromagnetic Railgun System (TUFAN).

The efforts carried out by Aselsan on Electromagnetic Launch (EML) are progressing noticeably. The Aselsan Electromagnetic Launch System Development Laboratory, equipped with advanced development and test infrastructures, was opened with the participation of Prof. İsmail DEMİR, President of Defence Industries. During the tests performed at the opening ceremony, a record was broken by achieving the highest muzzle energy and efficiency level in this field in our country with muzzle energy above 1 MJ.

The laboratory has Flash X-Ray, Ballistic Projectile Recovery Tank for high-energy tests, a high-speed camera system, measuring sensors for advanced testing, modular, expandable pulsed power supply means and barrel systems suitable for advanced testing. Thanks to the facilities provided by the laboratory, most of the advanced development tests in the field of EML can be conducted without the need for an open field and the related sub-technology maturity levels will be increased with the equipment used.

Electromagnetic Launch (EML) is a cutting-edge technology in the world especially in the field of weapon systems. The weapons called “Railgun” developed using this technology will be effective over long distances and are seen as an important force multiplier in the defence field.

The ammunition fired from the barrel at high speed means that it can be fired at longer ranges than conventional weapons. The “Railgun” systems with the smart ammunition to be developed in our country can be used both as long-range land artillery and very influential air defence weapons.

The activities in our country regarding electromagnetic launch systems, which very few countries in the world work on, are being conducted by Aselsan, TÜBİTAK-Sage and Yeteknoloji under the coordination of the Presidency of Defence Industries.