Nagorno Karabakh War: Observations and Lessons

by Arda Mevlütoğlu

Tarih: Issue 116 - September 2022

The Nagorno Karabakh War between Armenia and Azerbaijan in late 2020 was the latest in a chain of armed conflicts that started in the late 1980's. The latest war resulted in a decisive victory by Azerbaijan, which reclaimed an important part of the occupied terrain in the region. 

The war has been subject to many debates and research on the future of warfare, particularly the role of armed drones. Azerbaijan had extensively deployed different types of armed and kamikaze drones and published footage of attacks conducted with these systems as part of a propaganda campaign. Artillery systems, especially long-range indirect firing have played major role in eliminating enemy troops and taking out camps, depots, and installations. These highlights shed light on the trends and the direction of modern warfare and how wars of the near future will likely be fought.