National Collaboration for Turkish Fleet Replenishment Vessel

The combat system components of the Fleet Replenishment Vessel (DIMDEG) to be built within the scope of the contract signed by the Presidency of Defense Industries and Sefine Shipyard will be supplied by an Aselsan - Havelsan Business Partnership

Tarih: Issue 90 - February 2019

A Fleet Replenishment Vessel (DIMDEG) will be constructed within the scope of the contract between the Presidency of Defense Industries and Sefine Shipyard and the combat system components of the vessel will be provided by an Aselsan - Havelsan Business Partnership.

During the ceremony held at Sefine Shipyard, signatures were provided by Aselsan President and CEO Prof. Haluk GÖRGÜN, Havelsan Vice President of the Board Mustafa ŞENOL and Board Member and General Director of the Sefine Shipyard Demir KOLOĞLU.

The Fleet Replenishment Vessel (DIMDEG) will be primarily performing its tasks in order to support the vessels/ task group components operating in the open sea.

DIMDEG to Support Battle Ships in the Open Sea

DIMDEG will be able to maintain the replenishment of a minimum of four vessels with maintenance supplies (food, water, medical equipment, fuel, ammunition, etc.) without the support of the coast, through the method of replenishment at sea. DIMDEG will also support the maintenance, repair & overhaul of vessels and manned and unmanned surface and underwater vessels, helicopters and unmanned air vehicles on the vessel’s flight deck. 

DIMDEG will have an overall length of 190 meters, height of 7.2 meters, displacement of 22,000 tons and a beam of 25 meters. It is to be powered by two gas turbines and two diesel engines and the DIMDEG Fleet Replenishment Ship will have a maximum speed of 24 knots.

DIMDEG will perform as a Command - Control Ship and within the scope of the non - combatant operation it will support the activities as part of humanitarian aid, fight against piracy, natural disaster aid, search and rescue, and evacuation of non - combatants.

DIMDEG will be the second greatest ship of our Naval Forces following the LHD and will be built and delivered by Sefine Shipyard in line with the contract signed with the Presidency of Defense Industries. Within the scope of the Project, the following Combat System components will be provided by the Aselsan - Havelsan Business Partnership:

Combat System Integration – Aselsan-Havelsan Business Partnership

Navigational Aids – Aselsan

EMI/EMC Analysis and Test Studies – Aselsan

Integrated Communication System – Aselsan

Satellite Communication System – Aselsan

IFF System – Aselsan

Helicopter Control Radar – Aselsan

KIRLANGIC Night/ Day Camera System – Aselsan

Stabilized Artillery (STOP) System – Aselsan

Combat Management System (SYS) – Havelsan

Ship Data Distribution System (GVDS) – Havelsan

Ship Information System (GEBIS) – Havelsan

Message Operating System (MIS)-Havelsan

Under the program schedule, construction is expected to be launched in early 2019 and the ship will be delivered in late 2023.