National Defense Ministry’s 1st Defense Technologies Day Event was Held

Issue 68 - June 2016

The Ministry of National Defense held the 1st “Defense Technologies Day” recently on April 12th at the Bilkent Hotel in Ankara. The event was organized by SaSaD and Defence Turkey magazine, under the coordination of the Ministry of National Defense, with the main theme of R&D and Technology Management within the scope of the defense industry.  Numerous distinguished guests from the National Defense Ministry, Service Commands, Defense Industry Companies, Universities and Governmental Institutions and Associations attended the 1st Defense Technologies Day. 

The Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ismet Yılmaz made the opening remark of the panel and stated that Turkey had lacked such an event gathering all the shareholders of the defense industry and he believed that this event would be filling an important gap in this area. Minister Yılmaz said, “We need to gather with our solution partners and make an analysis on where we are and where we should be heading.  Which type of a synergy should we create in order to reach our goals? How could we reach our aims through the most rapid and economic solutions? In order to explore all of these questions, we should come together and create a common force and mind. All the institutions, associations and affiliates should take part in these types of events toward enabling Turkey to create a strategy with the help of these participation events”.