National Turbojet Engine and Kara ATMACA Projects Signed

Tarih: Issue 110 - October 2021

The "Turbojet Engine Supply and Integration Project Contract" and a contract regarding the "Surface-To-Surface Cruise Missile (Kara ATMACA) Project” were signed between Roketsan and Kale ARGE. With the contract, turbojet engines developed by Kale ARGE with domestic and national resources will be used in missiles produced by Roketsan within the scope of the SOM and ATMACA projects initiated by the SSB. Within the scope of the Kara ATMACA Project, the ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile developed by Roketsan for naval platforms is aimed to be included in the inventory as the new strike force of the Land Forces Command in 2025. Kara ATMACA, which will be developed as a long-range cruise missile with three-dimensional mission planning capability that can be launched from a tactical wheeled vehicle in order to meet the operational needs of the Land Forces, will have a range of 280 kilometers. Speaking at the ceremony, DEMİR stated that two difficult goals were achieved in ATMACA. Stating that the cruise missile had passed the tests successfully many times, DEMİR added, "But the engine it used in at that time was of foreign origin. As a result of the agreement made with Kale Group, we accomplished a difficult task with their intense efforts and we also built the engine of ATMACA. It was a challenging process. There is always a first time for everything. We have accomplished the difficult task in this sense. We will see that engines will be developed one after the other and our more capable missiles will come to the fore. We will be developing our much more advanced engines together with our industry. Each new step brings us one step further."