Naval Wargame Simulation System from Meteksan

Simulation is a major component of daily military training activities… When combined with live exercises; it is not only cost effective but also a life saver.

Issue 46

Meteksan is a leading Turkish defense company, known particularly with its simulation solutions for the naval sector.  Besides various solutions in simulation area, the company is a recognized supplier of sensor, communication and underwater acoustic systems.

Having live saving and cost control in mind, Meteksan’s Simulation System Group (SSG) has developed two state-of-the-art naval simulation products, namely Damage Control Simulator (DCSIM) and Naval War Game Simulation System (NAWAS) having good reputation in international market.   Both systems are in use in the Turkish Naval Forces Command at Golcuk, as part of the Surface Training Centre of the fleet.  Meteksan has already signed a contract for a similar system with the Royal Navy of Oman.