NERO Industries - Worldwide Supplier of Special Products and Test Chamber Services

Tarih: Issue 86 - November 2018

Nero Industries Inc. is a global company that has the essential solution which plays a role of vital importance in combat vehicles for the protection of human life, developing and manufacturing;

“Automated Fire Extinguishing and Explosion Suppression Systems” with high speed detection, 

“Laser Warning Systems”, 

“CBRN Detection and Filtration Systems”, 

Producing “Power Generation and Distribution Systems” (Auxiliary Power Units, AC/DC Converters etc.) 

It was constructed to save and conduct energy during the harsh conditions of war.  Additionally, the biggest group of test chambers in Turkey are constructed as a new capability to increase reliability of the products of its customers; it will provide service with its;

“Environmental Test Chamber”,

“Anechoic Chamber”,

“Shock Vibration Chamber”.

Nero Industries Corporation was established in 2009 by the CEO “Alican ÖKÇÜN” for the design, production and qualification of subsystems for land, air and naval platforms. 

The vision of Nero Industries Corporation is to be the first reliable choice by creating value in the global market and producing synchronized, sensitive and protective systems in the World.

 After less than a decade, Nero Industries Corporation constructed 6 plants which have a total production area of 110,000 m2  and 3 regional offices with engineering and after sales support structures in 3 different continents with its performance and synergy through the combined support of 156 employees and 80 engineers. 

The company has a production new factory of 9000 m2 and an R&D facility with test chambers for the qualification of its systems in Ankara as well as a production plant in Sakarya. Besides that, there are plants abroad including the USA, Bulgaria and in Saudi Arabia. 

Nero Industries has National and NATO Security Clearance approvals for military projects supplying products and service support to its worldwide users and prime contractor customers.

 Nero Industries has developed and produced “Automated Fire Extinguishing and Explosion Suppression Systems” that can be embedded in the different parts of vehicles, such as body, tires, fuel tank, ammunition compartment, engine compartment and crew section. These systems have the ability of detection in 3 milliseconds, activation in 10 milliseconds and extinguishing and suppressing fire in 250 milliseconds.  With the optical ultraviolet and IR detectors, optical control detectors, fire extinguishing and explosion suppression pyrotechnic tubes, power back up unit, control units and necessary software, 94% of the system components are indigenously designed by Nero Industries. This level of novel product design and performance of its systems places Nero Industries among the first three in the world, regarding to its field of activity.

The UV-IR Detector, which is designed by Nero Industries and utilized in the ARES Fire Suppression System has solid state hardware and new thermal calibration software.

The ARES Fire Suppression System includes indigenous and reliable components developed by Nero Industries.


New Factory in Malıköy/Ankara, New Capabilities and Services

The new factory will feature various new capabilities and services such as “Shock Vibration Chamber”, “Anechoic Chamber” and “Environmental Test Chamber”;

Shock Vibration Chamber: With the force of 10 kN and 200 kN up to 1500 kg, between the frequency range of 1 Hz-2.1 kHz, the high displaced shock and vibration test instrument will be established in Nero Industries for the qualification of subsystems, for the first time.    

Anechoic Chamber: The EMI/EMC chamber will have the necessary infrastructure which is appropriate for MIL STD 461 standards. It will be used for the test of walk-in subsystems which will have the size of vehicle and generators.  A “Rotating Table” will be established to rotate the vehicles during the test.

Environmental Test Chamber: There will be an environmental test chamber which is appropriate for MIL STD 810 G standard to test the walk-in vehicles and generators between -45°C and + 71°C. The tests will be executed at;

Cold Air Test: -45°C, Temperature Test: +71°C, Humidity Test:%99.  Rain and Solar Radiation Tests will be appropriate to MIL STD 810 G.

The other new factory at Sakarya is 50,000 m2 for solid state high technology and it is a system manufacturing plant; construction began 2018 and will be finalized in 2019 as well.

CBRN systems are the other important product of Nero Industries Corporation which are  used for both military and civilian purposes especially for mass destruction, biological weapons, industrial accidents and leakages. The system decontaminates the polluted air at the outside in order to provide fresh air to the living space which is appropriate for Allied Engineering Protocol 54 (AEP54).

Power Distribution Unit and Power Switching Panel distributes different voltage power regularly which are obtained from a vehicle and outside of the vehicle. The Power Switching Panel provides extra control power for the batteries, generators, alternators of vehicles. In parallel to the technological developments, as the military equipment capabilities in power units augment, those which are used on systems and integrated devices on vehicles, the power necessities of power units in air vehicles, marine vessels and other vehicles increases as well. 

Basically, ARMA Series redressers are the electronic devices that convert AC Voltage to DC Voltage. The alternating electrical voltage that they obtain is converted to the need of the DC Voltage due to the need of technical properties while out. The battery management system integrated with ARMA series AC/DC Convertors begins to supply energy to vehicle batteries after shutting off the engine from the main electricity or generator systems and by adjusting the battery charge level automatically  with respect to battery temperature, it provides long life and well charging. By means of ARMA Power Supply Systems developed by Nero Industries , vehicle battery voltage level values, current draw values are tracked continuously and the information about battery life  and the performance status of battery can be obtained easily.

New Capabilities with R&D

Nero Industries continues to acquire new technologies with R&D studies:

The equipment temperatures running at 71°C have increased to 125°C with R&D cooperation which are conducted by Nero and FNSS Corporation.

More than 40 engineers who are working in the R&D Department of Nero Industries were able to develop high temperature adaptive UV/IR detectors by developing solid state hardware and the new thermal calibration software ARES. The resulting system adapts to the harshest of environments and always performs the best for human survivability.

R&D studies for developing indigenous versions of components are ongoing. Nero Industries’ new project “Laser Warning System” will be among the main products in the near future. The Laser Warning System is a modular detection system used for the protection of mobile and stationary armored vehicles or objects against laser rangefinders, target designators and beam riders. The modular system is primarily aimed at the protection of small and medium-large, mobile objects against observation, recognition by laser and microwave means as well as laser aimed and guided weapon systems. As the system detects the laser, it launches smoke grenade in order to suppress and confuse the enemy as it leaps up suddenly.

To remain open, to change and the eagerness to learn are the important steps of Nero Industries by which to advance. Through an outcome-oriented focus, the company always looks for solutions that lead to success with determination and persistence as a team.

Thanks to its participation in the exhibition, Nero Industry hopes to establish new collaborations.