New C-27J Spartan Baseline Configuration Performed First Flight

The new C-27J baseline configuration is characterized by a new avionics system, new cockpit control panels and LED aircraft lights

Issue 89 - January 2019

On the 4th December, the new C-27J Spartan baseline configuration— characterized by a brand-new avionics system, new cockpit control panels and LEDvaircraft lights—completed its first flight at Leonardo’s Aircraft Division Turin plant.

Lucio Valerio Cioffi, Leonardo’s Aircraft Division Managing Director, said: “New operators will enjoy modern avionics and improved operational cost and performance within the aircraft flyaway price. The main benefits of the new C-27J baseline configuration are compliance with new civil aviation regulations and military requirements obsolescence risk reduction.”

The C-27J new avionic system is designed to comply with Next Generation Air Traffic Control requirements, like SESAR and NextGen, and provides TCAS 7.1 (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) capability. It features many major upgrades such as a new FMS (Flight Management System) with RNP (Required Navigation Performances) and LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) approach capabilities. The IFF (Identification Friendor Foe) Mode 5 has been updated at the latest standard. New cockpit displays, new weather radar, new radio navigation, enhanced satellite communications and radio communication capabilities, new intercommunication system, new cockpit and cargo panels and lighting system with led technology have been also included. Moreover, former avionics and general systems interface boxes have been replaced with new equipment made by Leonardo’s Airborne and Space Systems Division.

The new baseline configuration is also offered in retrofit to Current Operators willing to upgrade the capabilities of their C-27J fleet. The C-27J Spartan has already been ordered by the Air Forces of Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, United States, Mexico, Australia, Peru, Kenya, Morocco, Chad and another African country for a total of 85 aircraft.

Capabilities of the C-27J Spartan Aircraft

The C-27J offers high operational effectiveness together with competitive costs, extreme flexibility, the best performance in its category in all conditions and unique interoperability with larger airlifters.

The Spartan is a twin-turboprop tactical airlifter with state-of-the-art technologies in avionics, propulsion system and other on-board systems. Thanks to its very versatile design, the C-27J is ideal for roles including troop and materials transport, medical evacuation, paratroop and materials airdrops, search and rescue (SAR), logistic supply, humanitarian support, firefighting and civil emergency operations support. Purpose-designed kits also allow VIP transport and other missions.

The C-27J has a large cargo box, capable of supporting almost 5 tons per square metre. The aircraft can carry pallets or platforms weighing up to 4,550-6,000 kilos, or 60 equipped soldiers, 46 fully equipped paratroops, 36 stretchers or other combinations up to 30,500 kilos maximum takeoff weight.

The aircraft can operate from airstrips under 500 meters. The two AE2100-D2/D2A engines are rated at 4,650 SHP. To increase safety and reliability, the avionics architecture is fully redundant and guarantees excellent performance and low pilot workload in whatever environmental condition and all operational theatres. Optional systems include air-to-air refueling, self-protection and head-up displays.