New Development Contract for Eurofighter Typhoon

The package (known as Evolution Package 2) will be delivered by the end of 2015. The Contract signing was announced  in South Korea at the Seoul International Aerospace & Defence Exhibition 2013. 

Issue 49

Evolution Package 2 consists of a number of improvements including enhancements to the major avionics sensor such as the Radar and the Defensive Aids Sub Systems (DASS) of the Eurofighter Typhoon. It also includes enhancements designed to cater for the latest operational requests of Customers and important enhancements to the Multifunction Information and Distribution System (MIDS). In addition, the package will include further improvements to the Flight Control System (FCS) and the Utility Control System (UCS) that will allow the Eurofighter Typhoon to be more compatible with evolving requirements within the Commercial Aviation air space environment.

Alberto Gutierrez, Chief Executive Officer of Eurofighter GmbH, said: “The signature of this Contract represents a significant milestone for what is known as the Phase 2 Enhancement programme for the Eurofighter Typhoon. It brings with it a whole raft of enhancements designed to ensure the capability package we offer our customers is the best on offer anywhere in the world.”