New Era Begins for Havelsan with the In-Flight Entertainment System

Tarih: Issue 65 - February 2016

A new era entertainment begins inside the cabin. Havelsan and THY Technic collaborated to form the company SKYFE and with an entirely national effort, manufactured the Wireless In-flight Entertainment system (Wireless IFE), which has been approved by The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). With this approval, the road was opened to SKYFE to begin series production.

SKYFE successfully completed the EASA certification process for the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.  The first domestic In-flight Entertainment system developed in Turkey, offers the opportunity for passengers to spend quality time using their personal electronic devices, for iOS, Android and web applications.  With this system, within the civil aviation sector, Havelsan and Turkish Technic’s contribution has the distinction of being a successful example of increasing local content.