New horizons in avionics: 3rd Avionics Systems Seminar

Electronic Valley is a web portal and electronic magazine organizing very interesting Technical Seminars that have never been held before. The Avionics Seminar is one of these seminars and Electronic Valley a

Issue 13 - December 2008

In the Second Avionics Seminar, Assoc. Prof Dr. M. Onder EFE, Cahirman of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept. of TOBB – Economics and Technology University sponsored the seminar by allowing use of the large auditoriums in their University. This time there were more companies and more subjects and 650 registered to attend. Mr. Sedat I. GULDOGAN, Manager of Avionics platform in SSM presented a Road Map of Avionics Integration of Turkey. Lt. Col. Orhan NADAR from Turkish Air Forces presented the facilities and capabilities of the Eskisehir Flight Test Center, Mr. Gordon PRATT from Cobham Avionics presented EFIS – 3D Synthetic Electronic Flight Instrumentation System, Dr. Kevin WARD of Vector Fields presented Antenna Placement on Airbone Platforms, Ms. Gul KARA of Savronik presented Avoinics Panel Technology, Improvents and Applications, Mr. Richard FIELDING of Acra Control presented OLM – Operational Loads Measurements and HUMS – Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, Mr. Nezir ERTURK of Aydin Yazilim presented Process of Avionics Programs, Improvements, Handicap and Returns, Mr. Serdar KURT of SELEX presented Lighting Night Vision on at Avionics Platform, Mr. Ahmet TOKTAS and Mr. Ulgen CEZAYIRLIOGLU of TAI presented Application of Avionics Integrations, Dr. Colin DOUGLAS of JDA presented The Recording Standard IRIG 106 Chapter 10.

The process has now started for the third Avionics Systems Seminar. This will be held again at TOBB –ETU University on March 30-31, 2009 Seminar days were increased to two days due to high level of interest shown during second seminar. This event has grown in size and importance each time it has been held and is a good opportunity to promote it in order for the Seminar to continue.

TAI have agreed to be Mother Sponsor in the 3rd Seminar and they will present 3 technical topics, beside general introduction of TAI and their projects. These are

- UAV and Ground Systems Avionics Integration
- Interface between Pilot and Aircraft related to the Erciyes Program ( 2 sessions)
- Interface between Pilot and Aircraft related to the Hurkus Program

Another session sponsor Acra Control, who also presented very interseting topics in the First and Second Avionics Seminar, will present "The Use of Networks in Advanced Airborne Data Acquisition Systems" . Mr Richard Fielding , speaker of Acra Control, says that since attending these seminars from the beginning he believes that there is such a growing level of interest from the growing Turkish aerospace test and avionics industry that it does merit holding the Avionics Seminar once per year.

The aim of these Avionics Seminars are

- Increasing the knowledge of the avionics subject

- To bring the people together who are working in the aerospace test and avionic sectors to share their experiences , knowldedge base and discoveries.

- Motivate the young generation who are thinking about working in the avionics sector

To update and demonstrate the trends of new avionic and aerospace product developments available from local suppliers, manufacturers and small business enterprises.