New Investments in Turkey by Tawazun

Issue 45 - August 2013

Relation regarding the Defence Industry between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey was first established in the IDEX fair that took place in UAE in 2007. The bilateral relations continued and grew stronger in the level of governments ever since. Firstly, Aselsan in 2009, sold STAMP systems for covering the demands of UAE’s Armed Forces. The same year, Yonca-Onuk Shipyard made an agreement with the UAE on the sale of 34 coast guard boats for UAE Army. In 2011, UAE’s Defence company IGG and Aselsan pressed the button for joint production and established IGG Aselsan Systems LCC (IAIS) company located in UAE. As a result of the export achievements starting with Aselsan and Yonca-Onuk, UAE became an inviting market for Turkish Defence companies.

At IDEX 2013 fair, an agreement worth of 196 million dollars has been signed between Roketsan and Tawazun. Within the framework of this agreement Roketsan and Tawazun shall enable the integration of “Cirit” 2.75 Laser Guided Missile into the Air, Sea and Air platforms of the United Arab Emirates Army.