New Type Patrol Boat ‘TCG-Kuşadası’ in Inventory

Tarih: Issue 59 - March 2015

The provisional delivery of the final vessel to the Naval Forces Command within the scope of the New Type Patrol Boat (YTKP) Project that covers the procurement of 16 Boats and launched in 2008 in order to conduct the reconnaissance, surveillance, patrol and maritime defence combat (DSH) functions of the Naval Forces Command in straits, bases, port proximity waters and in zones near coasts and to support the Command’s base, port defence task function was accomplished.

With the Provisional Delivery of TCG Kuşadası which is the 16th and final boat of the TUZLA Class Patrol Boats (New Type Patrol Boat) Project that was initiated by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and accomplished by Dearsan as the main contractor with the participation of domestic industry, another milestone has been successfully completed. TCG Kuşadası’s provisional delivery to Naval Forces Command took place on 3 February 2015. This final delivery was made in accordance with the Project schedule and with this delivery a total of 16 Tuzla Class Patrol Boats joined the Naval Forces Command fleet within a period of four years between years 2011-2015.