New Weapon Systems from ASELSAN and MKEK

ASELSAN and MKEK, two of Turkish Defense Industry’s biggest corporations, will work together on Self Propelled Air Defense Weapon System and Air Transportable Light Weight Howitzer projects.

Issue 17 - June 2009

The Self Propelled Air Defense Weapon System, to be developed for Land Forces Command, will be used to protect mechanized and armored units against low-altitude air threats. The System will work individually or under the coordination of ASELSAN Air Defense Early Warning Command Control System (HERIKKS) which has already been fielded. ASELSAN will be the main system integrator within the project, responsible for Fire Control Systems, Command Control Systems, Search and Rescue Radars whereas MKEK will be producing Air Defense Artillery.

The Transportable Light Weight Howitzers will increase the fire power of the Turkish Armed Forces by rapid deployment to the field via helicopters. MKEK will provide the weapons and ammunitions and ASELSAN will develop the Fire Control System for the project. The howitzers will be in service of the Turkish Artillery with the integration to the already fielded Fire Support Automation System (ADOP-2000).