Newest Member of Roketsan’s Surface-to-Surface Missile Family: TRG-230

Issue 91 - May 2019

The TRG-230 Missile, which was unveiled at the IDEF ‘17  event, is extending Roketsan’s surface-to-surface missile family with a new calibre. TRG-230 can be used at distances of 20 to 70 kilometres with its high accuracy and effective fire power. Capable of maintaining heavy fire against high-priority targets, the TRG-230 missile provides timely and effective fire support for manoeuvring units, like the other members of the family.

The TRG-230 Missile can be fired from the Multi-Purpose Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) System manufactured by Roketsan, or from other platforms with a suitable interface for integration, and can be carried, stored and used in complete ready-to-launch missile configuration inside an insulated pod. The missile, which can be used in all kinds of weather conditions, is effective against the following targets: 

Ports and airports

Assembly areas (vehicles and/or personnel)

Precisely identified targets

Logistical facilities

Enemy artillery and air defence systems

Command, control and communication systems 

Enclosed and semi-enclosed areas, such as caves/shelters

“The TRG-230 Missile is one of the newest members of Roketsan’s surface-to-surface rocket and missile family, bringing effective fire power to operations. We offer this missile, which can be launched from different platforms and can destroy a broad spectrum of potential targets, not only to users in Turkey, but also to international platforms as a high-tech solution.” Selçuk YAŞAR, President and CEO of Roketsan stated.