Nurol Makina Serves Security Forces Against Various Threats

İbrahim Yumak, Business Development Manager, Nurol Makina

Tarih: Issue 69 - August 2016

As we have been witnessing the recent threat environment with multiple risks, it is clearly understood that international cooperation at all state levels is an indispensable part of the fight against terrorism.  Horror and uncertainty are vital elements of terrorist organizations to control the environment and discredit security forces. Evolving terrorist TTPs are not limited to regular attack methods, with time and location that we have been witnessing so far. More chaotic conditions are highly desired by terrorist organizations to dominate and spread fear. While security concerns exist, almost all the states not only maintain military forces for external security, but also perceives the significance and feel compelled to maintain internal security as the security environment dictates the implementation of new integrated approaches towards illicit and terrorist groups. There can be no compromise for security measures to defend and eliminate the evolving threats. International cooperation and homeland security should be considered simultaneously.  It should start beyond the borders and continue with tailored border controls and end up with integrated security measures which also require the contribution of the population and clear understanding of the terrorist approach. A brief explanation of this is to say “unite together and pinpoint possible risks before they happen.” Technological inabilities, limited state security and misperception of terrorist behavior of the governing states are also enable the threat to dominate.

Regarding this; we can anticipate that security providers will require elaborate tactics, equipment and technology in the fight against terrorism. The operational effectiveness of security forces degrades the chances of terrorist misbehavior and could prevent and neutralize several threats. The use of role-effective security equipment together with well-organized security units would be the best way to terminate or at least discredit the effectiveness of several risks.

Most of the losses of security forces even in armored vehicles have been observed as a result of IEDs, mines, homemade explosives. This situation degrades the effectiveness of security forces. Moreover integration of new mission hardware into the armored vehicles in the service against terrorist changing tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) should be considered seriously.

The use of highly mobile, high mine & IED together with ballistic protected vehicles would be a good enhancement which can also provide growth potential in terms of extra payload and vehicle design. A common platform composed of the same or similar subsystems is a must in order to have a family of vehicles which are a more cost effective solution for state authorities to resolve recently appearing inabilities and also against terrorist changing TTPs.

Nurol Makina designs and manufactures unique and indigenous products in support of security forces by helping to maximize the efficiency against various threats. Regarding the requirement to challenge the new threat environment; Nurol Makina has unveiled several soul match, unique, state-of-the-art and indigenous design vehicle solutions. 

Nurol Makina’s products have been designed and tailored for military, internal security and counter terrorism roles; specifically the Ejder Family vehicles and special purpose platforms. 

After unveiling the first Ejder Yalçın 4x4; It has been accepted as one of the soul match solutions for security units in terms of high mine & IED protection, ballistic protection, all terrain and weather mobility performance, integration of various turret and weapon options, extra payload capacity  and growth potential. Short turning radius with high mobility features makes the Ejder Yalçın 4x4 a valuable asset for use in city centers as well as off road conditions. Moreover the recent terrorist IED and AP attacks justified the efficiency in the eyes of users and their families. This vehicle stood against several risks and enhanced the efficiency of security forces both in rural and urban areas, and as such, that is the reason why the Ejder Yalçın 4x4 has been the primary preferrence. So far; three different contracts have been signed, and no martyr and no major injury have ever happened since the first Ejder Yalçın 4x4 was fielded. The motto for the Ejder Yalçın 4x4 is “save our lives save our future”. The Ejder Yalçın is internationally certified for mine and ballistic protection. Terrorists still continue to test this unique vehicle with multiple IED attacks and AP shots. The unique features embedded in this vehicle make it deserving and worthy of being operated in the front line and at the most critical locations. The extra payload capacity allows the Ejder Yalçın  4x4 various configurations and enables it to be used as a family of vehicle which also reduces maintenance and other long term costs.

TOMA (TOMA and Ejder TOMA Latest version: Higher ballistic protection, more tactical capabilities etc. The water cannon riot control vehicles is customized for a low threat and civil disobedience environment where illegal protests, groups, molotov cocktails, small arms and vandalism exist.  

TOMA has been preferred not only by Police and Gendarmerie but also Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC). TLFC is operating these vehicles especially around critical border regions.

Some of the unique and superior features that distinguish the Ejder TOMA 4X4 from its competitors are the implementation of indigenous and role capable military design chassis, compact size for better maneuverability inside urban areas and independent suspension for maximum on and off road operability by security forces.

Ilgaz 4X4 is mainly designed for counter terrorism and law enforcement units with its survivability, mobility and adaptable weapon stations. Nurol Makina plans to unveil the new soul match vehicle solution with the new design of Ilgaz 4x 4 vehicles in the following months.

The Ejder Kunter is one of the state of the art light armored trucks that can be configured for various operational roles. These roles and configurations range from being a logistic truck, water cannon riot control vehicle, APC, mortar/artillery towing truck, ambulance, weapon carrier truck to command control vehicle which provide easy maintenance and long term sustainability with additional lower maintenance costs as long as  used as a part of a family.  Excellent off road and environmental capabilities allow this vehicle to operate under various terrain and weather conditions. The short turning radius, high payload, fully independent suspensions, indigenous chassis and compact size make this vehicle a valuable asset to maximize the efficiency of security forces.

With R&D activities; Nurol Makina also continues to develop better solutions for customized effectiveness and functionality.  The R&D department has certainly proven itself with unique and state of the art vehicle designs. All of the products have been operational and combat proven. Experiences of the security forces have been developed and incorporated as new gains for combat vehicles, reducing or eliminating the extent of risk  and increase effectiveness and functionality. 

Regarding the evolving threat area; Turkish Company Nurol Makina will always be ready to:

Work on effective state of the art armored vehicles for military and law enforcement units,

Serve state authorities with indigenous and state of the art designs.