Nurol Makina takes over the Challenge to Maintain Peace in the midst of Evolving Threats

Mr. İbrahim Yumak, Business Development Manager of Nurol Makina

Tarih: Issue 58 - February 2015

The current threat environmenth as been progressively evolving as some of the state authorities start to lose control overthe governed country and they cannot adapt themselves to the new multi threat environment and the changing tactic techniques and procedures (TTPs) of CPN (Criminal Patronage Network)s, terrorist and all other illicit organizations. Unstable states, social unrest, loose border controls,  fights for power, partial security in homeland are some of the critical factors triggering disorder, preparing available grounds for criminals, illicit and terrorist organizations to start to rule. While there exists security concerns, almostall the states not only maintainmilitary forces for external security, but also perceive the significance and feel compelled tomaintain internal security as the security environment dictates the implementation of new approaches towards illicit and terrorist groups. In this context, as we observe, terrorism is one of the greatest threats endangering the stability of the countries and lives of innocent people. In terrorism there are always spillover effects because of unstable countries and inadequate security measures starting from borders to the main land. No one can guarantee the peace atmosphere unless internal security is also maintained. Terrorism spills towards the areas  thatcountries leave unattended. As a result, terrorists start to populate and rule.

Failed states, abandoned arsenals, not resolving bilateral or multi-lateral security problems, prepare the available grounds for new actors flourish. These actors and terrorist groups worsen and damage homeland security by rendering the states in effective and implement new TTPs. Illegal border crossings and trafficking have started to become routine in daily life. Illicit groups and terrorist organizations have started togain control over trafficking and homeland borders where there is lack of internal and border security. Weapon and ammunition trafficking together with the difficulty of border control cause a lot of security problems. Besides easy access to explosives and weapons through loose borders from unstable states and abandoned arsenals support and strengthen the capabilities of almost all type of illegal groups and criminals. This situation dictates the use of role-effective security equipment and organized security units. Unless the case is otherwise established, new problems like money laundering, trafficking, kidnapping, assassination, and illegal activities in the context of terrorism grow and start to ignite new security problems. This situation also diverts the citizens to a new chaos environment where vandalism, murder, kidnapping, terrorism and all other illegal activities start to dominate and gradually become uncontrolled. In this networked threat environment the best way for security forces to terminate, or at least discredit theeffectiveness, is to implement new methods. In addition to international cooperation, these methods require integration of well-organized and trained security forces with capable and maintainable security equipment for each country. 

At this point, the Turkish company Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.S. (Nurol Makina) produces state of the art, maintainable, role capable military and internal security vehicles according to the requirement based approach for multiple operational and threat environments. 

Nurol Makina designs and manufactures unique and indigenous products in support of security forces by helping to maximize the efficiency against various threats. These vehicles have been fielded for military, internal security and counter terrorism roles. These vehicles are TOMA, Ejder TOMA, Ejder YALÇIN 4x4, ILGAZ 4x4 and EJDER 6x6 and special purpose platforms. Their design features allow to be used not only for military but also for internal security in a fight against criminals and terrorists while maintaining homeland security and preserving the order. Nurol Makina, as being the design authority, has the ability to customize these vehicles and meet additional user requirements against evolving terrorist TTPs.

Regarding the requirement to challenge the new threat environment, Nurol Makina has unveiled several sole match vehicle solutions against IED, mine, small arms ammunition, civil disobedience and illicit border crossings to date.

Ejder YALÇIN 4x4has been put into service as being one ofthe unique and indigenous designs to operate in a multi threat environment where there is a strict requirement for effective solution against mitigating aforementioned security concerns, high IED and mine threats, together with a requirement for high ballistic protection. Ejder YALÇIN 4x4 with adaptable weapon stations, high cruising range, and up to 4 tonnes extra pay load capacity, is a newsole match solution and terminator not only for the terrorist changing TTPs but also is a future warranty of  lawful citizens. The design features enable this agile and high tactical capability 4x4 auto gears muscled armored vehicle with up to 360 HP engine to be a dominant member of operations, ranging from counter terrorism, border security, military, Special Forces and law enforcement. 

TOMA (TOMA and Ejder TOMA (Latest version: Higher ballistic protection, more tactical capabilities etc.)), water cannon riot control vehicles, are one of the perfect match solutions for security providers to suppress riots and maintain order as an internal security vehicle. TOMA is customized for a low threat and civil disobedience environment where illegal protests, groups, molotov cocktail, small arms and vandalism exist. This vehicle is widely used, and maximizes the efficiency of security forces with its unique characteristics such as removing barricade, extinguishing fire,dispersing crowds and maintaining order. If security forces cannot suppress and control illegal protests or riots, which we can name as small in size, very proactively and in a quick manner, it is apparent to observe that these riots and protests grow and spread,therefore endangering the authority and security of the country.  

ILGAZ 4X4 is mainly designed for counter terrorism and law enforcement units with its survivability, mobility and adaptable weapon stations.  ILGAZ 4x4 provides ballistic survivability, fire power and mobility. ILGAZ 4x4 has protection against hand grenades, molotov cocktail, rifle ammo and vandalism, and not only best matches for use in urban areas but also in the country side.

Nurol Makina’s unique platforms always give a sense of security in the eyes of lawful citizens and help to maintain peace and order while discrediting and keeping away all illicit and terrorist activities.TheTurkish company Nurol Makina will continue to light  the future and find out the  sole match solution forsecurity requirements in the current and changing threat environment.