Nurol Makina to Demonstrate Newest and Combat Proven Vehicles at IDEF ‘19

Issue 91 - May 2019

Turkish Leading Land Platforms Manufacturer, Nurol Makina is hosting visitors at the IDEF 19 exhibition with two separate stands, one of which is located in an indoor area, while the other is located in an outdoor showroom area.  EJDER YALÇIN, NMS and ILGAZ II will be displayed at the indoor stand, whereas the EJDER TOMA and EJDER KUNTER will be showcased at the outdoor stand. 

EJDER YALÇIN will be displayed in two separate configurations, namely as an armored combat vehicle fielding the SARP remote controlled weapon system, and as an armored ambulance configuration that will be displayed for the first time at the show. Furthermore, NMS 4x4 YÖRÜK will be showcased as a vehicle that is at the end of its qualification phase and will soon enter into serial production. 

ILGAZ II, for which there is ongoing work to integrate new mission systems, will be displayed with a manual turret. EJDER TOMA will be displayed with its standard equipment, which is shown as the reference of its class.

EJDER KUNTER will be presented at the exhibition with a design that has been revised based on feedback from different users.

Up to now, Nurol Makina has delivered more than 1,000 of these vehicles, including members of the EJDER family (the YALÇIN, TOMA, KUNTER), as well as NMS and ILGAZ II to end-users at home and abroad. Another 500 vehicles delivery schedule is underway at full speed.

Emphasizing the success, they have achieved in the international market, Engin AKYOL, the General Manager of Nurol Makina, said: “Looking at the period between IDEF 2017 and IDEF ‘19 we see that Nurol Makina has significantly solidified its recognition as a global brand. Over the past two years, the number of our international users has increased considerably. In addition to the high performance demonstrated by the vehicles rolled out by our serial production lines, the increase in the number of orders we witness is also due to the confidence felt towards Nurol Makina, which is the sum of many factors such as our corporate stance and the services we offer as part ofour projects. I have to note that this confidence can also be seen in the contracts we have signed for our vehicles that have yet to enter into serial production. Given our current standing, it would be fair to say that Nurol Makina has gained an international-level recognition, both as a brand and a corporate entity, and that each of our vehicles have become recognized brands in their own right.”

Nurol Makina officials are hosting visitors at the indoor stand Number 711/A108 and the outdoor stand in Hall Number 7.

Nurol Makina Prepares NMS 4x4 for Serial Production and First Delivery

Nurol Makina will showcase at IDEF ‘19 the NMS 4x4, which will give a new impetus to the battlefield thanks to its unique characteristics. The vehicle that is being displayed as a solution has received its first orders and is at the last stage of qualification tests, while also being prepared in the meantime for serial production.

At DIMDEX 2018, Nurol Makina and the Qatar Special Forces Command has signed an agreement for the procurement of a total of 214 NMS 4x4 vehicles. 

The NMS 4X4 stands out from its competitors, especially with its add-on armor capability and mobility. While the NMS 4X4 has level 1 ballistic protection without add-on armor plates, it could be increased to level 4 protection with the addition of different types of armor plates. There is also no need for a particular equipment for adding and removing armor plates, when the user wants to change the level of protection according to the particular requirements of the mission. This procedure can be realized in a very short time by using standard materials that can be found even under field conditions. These changes in ballistic protection level are also applicable for the window glass of the vehicle.

Engin AYKOL, General Manager of Nurol Makina, explains the advantages of add-on armor plates as follows: “The user has the opportunity to purchase 50 NMS 4X4 vehicles and 20 armor plate kits. They will be able to use the NMS 4X4 without additional armor plates when there is no threat. In this configuration, the NMS 4X4 has a longer range. However, before using the vehicle in a zone with a high threat risk, they can simply fit add-on armor plates in order to raise the level of protection. This flexibility of the NMS 4X4 considerably reduces not only the initial procurement cost, but also the life cycle costs”.

In order for the vehicle to use add-on armor, its structure needs to be strong at the points where the armor plates are mounted. Therefore, the use of add-on armor is not possible in vehicles built without taking into account this need at the beginning or they require very expensive modifications. However, the NMS 4X4 is completely ready for add-on armor starting from the design table.

Similarly, it is possible to change the window glass of the vehicle to increase the level of protection and this characteristic is unique for the NMS 4X4.  The NMS 4X4 also allows the integration of different weapons systems as needed and it makes a difference during reconnaissance and surveillance missions and urban combat operations thanks to a low silhouette, a short turn radius and a high speed. The center of gravity of the vehicle is low and it ensures superior road handling. Its top speed of 140 km/h is at the upper segment of its class. Users also gain great advantages when they use the NMS 4X4 and the EJDER YALÇIN together. The use of common subsystems in these complementary vehicles allows for easy maintenance and operation, as well as cost advantages. The NMS 4X4, will be exhibited at IDEF together with the SARP ZAFER turret.

Engin AYKOL, General Manager of Nurol Makina, says that the NMS 4X4 will mark a great success in the following period: “Like the EJDER YALÇIN, the NMS 4X4 is a very special vehicle. It will create new use scenarios where it will be possible for our users to carry out their missions with more security and it will make their life easier. From now on we can say that we are going to present the NMS 4X4 at IDEF 2021 as a vehicle used by many countries and which has managed to become a global brand”.