Öner TEKİN Elected as ASD Member of the Board

Tarih: Issue 93 - July 2019

In a written statement made by SaSaD, which represented Turkey in the European Defence Industrial Group (EDIG) prior to 2004, and then in the European Aerospace, Security and Defence Association (ASD) formed by the merger of EDIG, European Association of Aerospace Industries (AECMA) and Eurospace in 2004, it was announced that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SaSaD and AYESAŞ/Vestel Defence Companies General Manager Öner TEKİN was unanimously elected as a member of the ASD Board at the ASD General Assembly held in May 2019.

Within this context, SaSaD Chairman Öner TEKİN and SaSaD Deputy Secretary General Yılmaz KÜÇÜKSEYHAN attended the Paris Air Show that was held on June 17-23 this year for more active participation in the activities of ASD and participated in B2B events bringing Turkish and French Industrialists together held by the SaSaD and French Aerospace Manufacturers Association (GİFAS).