Online Network Succesfully Interconnects Defence Professionals

Informative and interactive network services attract, aggregate a

Issue 12 - October 2008

“Valuable Contacts And The Latest In Defence”
So called online social networking services are becoming more popular each day. “Starting this April defpro.com recently welcomed its 1.000 registered community member,” Luca Bonsignore CEO of Germany based defence.professionals GmbH says. defpro.com is doing a better job at connectivity than ever before. “This internet platform is extremly beneficial for industry and governmental representatives, as well as journalists who are looking for valuable contacts or the latest in defence and security industry,” Bonsignore adds.

Exclusively Defence And Security
In contrast to undifferentiated business networks like Linkedin, that harbour millions of people from thousands of industries, defpro.com solely concentrates on defence and security professionals. “Our members appriatiate that we don’t mix that up. A membership at defpro.com is supposed to have an exclusive character.

Employees from all significant industry players, executives from small and medium sized organisations as well as governmental and high-ranking military representatives from several countries are strongly taking this into account,” the German entrepreneur knows.

Company And Trade Show Overview, Discussion Groups
Beside the constantly growing professionals community and defpro.com’s extensive news section - which provides dozends of defence related industry news every day - defpro.com serves the international defence community with a comprehensive trade fair and conference overview (defpro.confairs), a company and organisation directory (defpro.index) and top-class discussion platforms (defpro.groups).