OSSA Cluster’s UR-GE Activities (Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness)

Tarih: Issue 118 - October 2022

It is imperative that the defense industry elicits maximum benefit from the domestic industry’s infrastructure by guiding and encouraging new investments based on high technology, cooperating with foreign technology and enabling the capital contribution, supporting R&D activities and therefore maintaining the production of all types of weapons, vehicles and devices in Türkiye  as much as possible. Encouraging the SMEs within the framework of the domestic industry’s participation in defense industry activities is of vital essence. The creative, flexible and dynamic structure of the SMEs will strengthen the industry, contribute greatly to the achievement of targets in respect to indigenization and eventually increase the efficiency of the industry. When the SMEs become powerful and competitive, the import figures in the fields of sub systems, technology and components identified in accordance with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces will decrease as well. The realization of the aforementioned achievements could be accomplished by only improving and developing the capacities of the SMEs. Manufacturing only towards the internal market would not increase the competitiveness of the SMEs as their level of competitiveness would only be increased through exports. The companies would benefit from the training and consultancy services while preparing themselves for foreign markets and stronger SMEs would emerge as a result.

As the OSTIM Defense and Aviation Cluster - OSSA, we are team working toward increasing the labor force of our SMEs active in the defense and aviation/aerospace industry while rendering them competitive companies conducting export activities.