OSSA: New Synergy on Defence and Aerospace

An Assessment by Mr. Mithat Ertuğ, Chairman of the Board, OSSA

Issue 41 - March 2013

The Defence and Aviation Clustering idea at Ostim has actually emerged after the study made with the International Competitiveness Research Institute (URAK) in 2007 to perceive that Ostim Organized Industrial Zone (Ostim OSB) is competitive at which sector and to what extent.This analysis has shown that Ostimincorporates sub-industry which is needed by defence and aviation industry in terms of machining, sheet forming, surface treating, electro mechanics, composite and cabling. The companies currently performing activities in these fields were delivering services to main industry companies located at Ankara. For this reason, we can say that a natural clustering was available at Ostim.

Today’s conditions and especially the conditions of defence and aviation industry have pushed us to be more strengthened together. For this reason, Ostim OSB, with the companies from all over Ankara and making the majority of their turnovers from activities delivering to defence and aviation industry, is a sound initiative which is supported by organizations and enterprises such as the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), Ministry of Economy, Ankara Chamber of Industry, SaSaD, KOSGEB, Metutech and THK University. Our main objective under this umbrella is to propose local solutions to main integrators performing in defence and aviation industry as well as to make all efforts to increase the exportation of the SMEs in defence and aviation industry. We have realized and will continue to realize so many activities in this respect and some of which are to visit main industry companies of our country and introduce our companies to them; to increase the business volumes of the companies and to provide new opportunities to the companies that are not previously performing activities in this field. Besides our promotion activities are continuing and we are supporting the companies to participate at international fairs and make business meetings within the scope of International Competitiveness Enhancement Project of the Ministry of Economy. We are redirecting the demands which we received to cluster companies and we are bringing procurement authorities from foreign countries to Turkey. We are handling the training, consultancy and certification problems of the companies and working for them to go further in defence and aviation sector.