Oto Melara Introduced “VULCANO” 76 mm Long Range High Accuracy Ammunition Family

Oto Melara introduced VULCANO” 76 mm, Long Range High Accuracy Ammunition Family to press members in its facility in La Spezia where Carlo Alberto Iardella , CEO, Ulderigo Rossi, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sal

Tarih: Issue 31 - December 2011

The transfer of Vulcano technology (155mm & 127 mm) to the 76 mm caliber creates a new family of long range precision ammunition, both guided and unguided. Thus the 76 gun system is a leap ahead of the competition, dramatically increasing its already outstanding artillery performances in the roles of Naval Gunfire Support (NGS), Air Defence and Anti Surface Warfare. 76/62 Naval Artilleries are equipping many ships of Various size operating in the Littoral Warfare as reflected in the Second Lebanon War (2006) and the Libyan campaign in 2011.

Following the remarkable results achieved in development of Vulcano Program, the Italian Navy General Staff and Oto Melara are jointly investigating the feasibility of integrating GPS and IR guidance technology on board of Vulcano 76 which allows “launch and forget” operations, so responding to the requirement of split fire distribution: a further target can be engaged with no need to wait for lethality assessment on the previous target.

By providing guidance technology in Anti Surface Warfare and in Naval Gun Support scenarios, Vulcano 76 is ideally complementary to Dart, the guided ammunition for 76 mm Strales system, which is currently in production for AAW role.

Within both GPS and IR Guidance , Vulcano 76 is capable to ensure top level accuracy at a maximum range about 40 km; in ballistic version (no guidance), 30 km range is reachable with accuracy better the standard ammunition.

At any range the accuracy of Vulcano 76 is that typical of GPS guidance and better than 3 times than IR guided concept; the Ballistic version is more accurate than standard 76 mm ballistic ammunition.
Modifications required on 76 mm Naval Guns to operate Vulcano 76 are very limited and may be implemented with simple operations directly on board the ship on both 76/62 Super Rapid and 76/62 Compact guns.
Otomelara 76/62 artilleries are in service with more than 55 Navies worldwide, equipping ships of any typology, from hydrofoils to carriers, displacing from 50t to 27000 t, have been successfully interfaced to any existing CMS, FCS within any integration architecture and ensure top level of performance in various aspects, particularly in rate of fire, accuracy and capacity to sustain firing action for long period of time.

Oto Melara has already completed the feasibility of Vulcano 76. It is forecasted that the components development for firing test, projectile in flight test, the development of extended range Ammo configuration and guided Ammo configuration will be completed in 2013 and it will be available for delivery in 2015.
Oto Melara has many activities in Turkish naval projects. In December 2007 the company has in fact signed a contract with the Turkish shipyard Dearsan for the supply of 16 twin 40/70mm naval gun systems to the Turkish Navy to be installed on board the new 57 meter Patrol Boats built by the Turkish shipyard itself. In addition to this contract, an order for a further four gun systems of the same type was awarded to Oto Melara by the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industry (SSM) to equip the Turkish Coast Guard patrol boats. The Turkish Navy is also particularly interested in the new 40mm Single Fast Forty gun mount which was recently selected for the upcoming Landing Ship Tank (LST) and Landing Platform Dockship (LPD) programmes. Again in the naval sector, opportunities could spring from the two Turkish national warship programmes to modernise the Turkish Navy: the TF2000 frigates and the MILGEM class corvette. As regard in particular the MILGEM class corvette programme, in September 2009 Oto Melara signed a contract with the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industry (SSM) for one 76/62 Compact gun system to equip the second ship prototype under construction by the Istanbul Shipyard.