Otokar conquers the world with COBRA

Otokar signed an 43.2 million USD agreement to deliver the Cobra Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle by 2009. Otokar, the leading design company of military vehicl

Tarih: Issue 13 - December 2008 Güncelleme: December 01, 2008

The President of Otokar, Serdar Görgüç stated that Otokar analyzes customer needs in detail, and provides the best solutions to fulfill customers’ expectations via its research and development activities and reflectively evaluated the agreement thus: “The Cobra armoured vehicle has become a favorable Turkish brand that is employed in different geographical districts by different users. The performance of the vehicle impresses the users; therefore, the countries that purchased the vehicles prefer to select the COBRA again and again in subsequent orders. This situation makes us proud and shows us that we are proceeding in the right direction. The COBRA proves itself, is among top competitors in the world, thanks to its versatility, capabilities, and its adaptability to provide different solutions all on one platform. The COBRA is now used in many countries and their positive feedback and comments, are ensuring that our vehicle will be subject to continued appreciation in other countries as well.

About COBRA Project:

Since the inception of the COBRA project initiated by Otokar with the support of TUB?TAK in 1997, important investments were made in new technology, engineering and marketing. During the design phase, the COBRA was tested for endurance in many internal and external locations, and under extreme climatical and geographical conditions. In essence, it has proved itself in a short period thanks to Otokar’s know-how and experience.

The COBRA, a Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle, attracts attention due to its excellent field performance and its excellent capability of durability. The COBRA has overtaken other vehicles in its class especially due to its resilience to explosives and mines, thanks to its monocoque structured, wide dimensioned, armoured body. The COBRA is a unique Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle with many features such as independent suspension, continuous 4x4 towing capacity, and non- blowout tyres. The COBRA additionally serves perfectly well in narrow areas and on urbanized terrain with its small and low profiled body and moreover, it provides total control for the personnel with its wide ranged transmit angle.