Otonom Teknoloji Successfully Performed the Flight of its Doruk-133B Aerostat System

Issue 67

Doruk-133B Aerostat System is capable of performing flights at 1000 m above ground level, with payloads up to 50 kg. The flight, which took place at the Mediterranean Sea, was a 3-day uninterrupted mission where object detection and recognition from a 40 km range at an altitude of 3000 feet (AGL) was successfully demonstrated. During the flights, electro-optical sensors with night vision capability and an AIS (Automatic Identification System) base station were used as payloads. The streamlined form of Doruk Aerostats enables high wind stability and flights in harsh weather conditions.

Having an endurance of up to 7-days, the aerostat can be equipped with several different payloads such as electro-optic cameras, communication relay, GPS receiver; AIS base station, compact radar systems and many more. Similar aerostat systems are employed worldwide in areas such as border surveillance, ISR missions and securing critical infrastructure.