PAC to Initiate the Delivery of MFI-395 Super Mushshak to the Turkish Air Force in June 2020

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) which participated in the Dubai Airshow 2019 with the MFI-395 Super Mushshak Basic Trainer Aircraft (BTA) will initiate deliveries to the Turkish Air Force in June 2020. According to the information obtained from PAC officials, that we had the opportunity to talk with at the fair, the first three MFI-395 Super Mushshak BTAs to be produced for the Turkish Air Force will arrive in Ankara in June 2020, and if the acceptance tests to be performed are completed successfully, an additional 7 aircraft will be delivered by the end of 2020. Deliveries will be made every 6 months, each containing 10 aircraft and deliveries will be completed by the end of 2022.

As it may be recalled, with the Basic Trainer Aircraft (BTA) Project carried out by the SSB, the aim was to provide the most suitable platform for entry level flight training in order to train pilots who will serve in combat fleets of the Turkish Air Force Command (TurAF) and to speed up their adaptation to new generation aircraft. Currently, T-41 and SF-260D aircraft are being used by the Turkish Air Force for entry level flight training of pilot candidates.

As a result of the evaluation of bids submitted for the tender, the Defense Industry Executive Committee (DIEC) gathered on August 22, 2016 and decided to start contract negotiations with PAC - Kamra Company. Following the completion of the contract negotiations carried out by the SSB, the preliminary agreement under the Project was signed on November 23, 2016 in Karachi, Pakistan and the official agreement was signed at a ceremony held in Istanbul on May 10 within the scope of the IDEF ‘17 International Defense Industry Fair.

It was aimed that 52 MFI-395 Super Mushshak Trainer Aircraft would be ordered under the contract and the deliveries of which would be initiated in 2017 to replace T-41 and SF-260D Aircraft, which have completed their life cycles. However, so far, for different reasons, the delivery of the MFI-395 Super Mushshak Aircraft have not yet started.

With the procurement of MFI-395 Super Mushshak Aircraft, flight training will be provided more effectively and efficiently.

With this project, a NATO member Air Force will induct the Super Mushshak BTA in its inventory for the first time and use it in training activities. The solid and unshakable friendly relations between Turkey and Pakistan will become stronger and continues to improve thanks to this project. The MFI-395 Super Mushshak was selected also by the Azerbaijan Air Forces and 5 of the 10 aircraft ordered under the contract signed on July 27, 2017 were delivered in November 2018.