PARS Wheeled Armored Combat Vehicles

Tarih: Issue 39 - February 2013

FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S. who has been exclusively manufacturing advanced tracked armored vehicles for the last 20+ years, decided in early 2000s to expand its product line to include wheeled armored vehicles as well. FNSS did an extensive and comprehensive study of most wheeled vehicles built around the world to determine the best design characteristics applicable to each vehicle that might be considered for local production in Turkey and compete in the world markets. The following vehicle profile is the result of this comprehensive study.

FNSS named this family of Wheeled Armored Combat Vehicles as PARS which is the name of the mounted Anatolian leopard well known for its agility and speed. Currently there are two members of PARS in 8x8 and 6x6 standard configurations as well as the Amphibious Assault Bridge (AAB) vehicle which uses the main automotive components of the PARS 8x8. The PARS 8x8 and AAB vehicles are currently in production for the Malaysian Armed Forces in 11 variants and Turkish Armed Forces respectively. Malaysian Armed Forces named their 8x8 configuration as AV8 family.