Patrols Warned Early with Havelsan’s “Sezgin”

Hazards will be detected early with the sensors embedded in rocks

Issue 45 - August 2013

Crucial facilities such as patrols and power plants shall be warned in advance with the seismic sensor ‘Sezgin’ which Havelsan introduced at IDEF 2013.  Within the scope of this advanced warning system, sensors are placed within rocks that have natural appearance. These sensors perceive the vibrations, activities and images remotely and report terrorist activities.

Havelsan took an important step towards Turkey’s border security. Havelsan will enable the advance sensing of vibrations, activities and images through its early warning system ‘Sezgin’ which was introduced at IDEF and includes placement of sensors into rocks with natural appearance. Havelsan official Bünyamin Karadeniz briefed about this system to Defence Turkey: “We have embedded the seismic sensors within the rocks and enable the remote sensing of terrorist activities from kilometers away, before the terrorists reach the facilities. Thus we automatically report the type of the movement and coordinates it took place. Then we head towards the related coordinates with our unmanned aerial vehicle and easily detect the source of the movement (whether it is done by a villager or a terrorist/ a person or an animal). In this way, we identify the hazard before it occurs and patrols get to have the necessary time to take precautions”.