PELI Products, Global Leader of Protective Cases, Highlights its 3-level of Expertise in Protecting Armory

Issue 91 - May 2019

PELI Products is the largest manufacturer of aerospace and military approved reusable, recyclable, plastic ATA 300 CAT 1, LRU, AGE, WSTAGE, logistic containers and cases. With more than 40 years of experience in optimal protection solutions PELI Products ensure the success of military mission. PELI’s engineers have developed custom solutions for the transport and packaging needed of the defence sector.

PELI Products Keeps Weapons Safe and Secure at Arms Reach with Rifle Cases

These following airtight, watertight containers are also doubles as a lockable rifle rack . The containers configuration includes removable lid with plated Zinc hardware, comfort grip handles, wheels, a humidity indicator and a pressure relief valve. Best of all, when the lid is removed, the weapons remain locked in the cases as a portable weapons rack.

This durable plastic military shipping and storage container 472-M4-M16-4 rifle case is designed to hold 4 fully equipped M4’s or M16’s or any combination of two M4’s and M16’s up to four. The outside dimensions are 113,7x 86,4x47cm with a volume of 450L and a weight of 41kg.

The 472-M4-M16-6 is the perfect storage solution for a 6 pack of M16 weapons or any combination of M16s and M4s, lined up in unshakable custom security. 

This 472-M4-M16-8 rifle case is designed to hold 8 fully equipped M4s or M16s or any combination of two M4s and two M16s, up to a maximum of eight. The case’s outside dimensions are 113,7x86,4x 66cm, and its volume is 650L with a weight of 55kg. 

PELI‘s 1780 for one-man Arsenal

Can you imagine yourself carrying easily twelve M16’s? 

Weapons Case features a quick-loading, lockable cross bar and a rotationally molded insert to secure and protect up to twelve M16’s or M4’s from the most extreme conditions.

Engineered for one-person mobility, the 1780 weapons case has two double-wide handles and dual sets of polyurethane wheels with stainless steel ball bearings and nylon hubs for extended towing durability. 

The case sports an integrated manual pressure regulation valve to eliminate vacuum lock and a humidity monitor gauge with a visible signal to guard against condensation. There are additional standard characteristics such as a lid equipped with the polymer o-ring offering a dust and waterproof seal. The dual action latches open with a light pull and are tested to a failure threshold of nearly 182kg. 

PELI’s Customised Weapon Cases Ensures the Critical Operations of your Mission 

PELI have internal teams with long-term experience in designing everything from simple foam cushions to extremely complex metal structures for use in dramatically diverse shipment, storage, and use conditions – including military deployments and combat situations. From deck-mounted equipment to bezel-mounted electronics with integrated exhaust fans to cases with multiple access points and interface portals or extended-profile customisations –  no case requirement is beyond PELI Products capabilities. In extreme temperatures, undergoing radical oscillation or direct impact,  surrounded by water, chemicals or fine dust particulates – your product is protected. PELI Products  control every stage of the process to ensure integrated performance, from interior stabilisation to exterior hardware. 

PELI Products: The Most Versatile and Secure Solutions for Immediate Military Deployment

PELI Mobile Footlockers 

These tough 472-FTLK-1 and 472-FTLK-LG (large) footlockers, virtually indestructable  open wide in seconds and hold tight under duress. The large footlocker is 7cm taller than small footlocker. With its soft-grip handles comfortable for lifting and its two heavy-duty wheels making big loads are more manageable. Dual removable trays are included to separate smaller supplies and for security anywhere lock-ready hasps are incorporated. 

PELI Medical Chests

These drawer medical cases are designed to provide maximum protection in any situation. Impervious to weather, temperature and impact - the rotationally molded shell keeps all your supplies dry, dust free, and secure. With four large drawers for the model 472-MEDCHEST3-4D and eight including a lockable drawer for your most sensitive and vital equipment for the model 472-MEDCHEST3-8D. They are providing ample storage for all your bulk items such as gauze, solvents, large prescription bottles and IV fluids. Equipped with wheels, PELI drawer medical cases are easy to carry anywhere you need. 

PELI products also offer medical chests solutions without drawer in different sizes.

When Paperwork have to be done, PELI Field Desk is the Solution 

Folded into one durable shipping container to become mobile in an instant. Pack in the optional office supplies kit, your desk arrrives ready for action. The attached table providing a large and flat work surface with a number of drawers of different sizes and a sturdy field chair, this comfortable chair includes a backrest and can be folded and stored in the lid in seconds.

The 472-FLD-DESK-TA provides a left side table and the 472-FLD2-DESK-TA provides a right side table for only 37kg and 78x53x72cm, the 472-FLD-DESK-DD provides two attached tables for a weight of 45kg and 86x63x72cm. 

They all contain 6 drawers on the following sizes:

Two drawers for your paper work

Two drawers that are padlockable for extra security

Two large drawers specifically designed for Pendaflex folders

The double tables field desk is build up with two heavy duty wheels, two power Strips - 6 plugs per power strip ensuring you always have a place to plug in your electronics and offer two field chairs.