Plenty of Alternatives for Everyone at ER-AH

Issue 81 - April 2018

Having started its journey in the aviation sector in Isparta in 1991, ER-AH founded the ER-AH Flight School in 2008 in order to raise Turkey’s best pilots and contribute to Turkish Civil Aviation through the know-how and experience it acquired over nearly 20 years of serving in various branches of the sector.

The training adventure began in 2009 in Antalya with the ER-AH Flight School training building and 3 Cessna model aircrafts. In 2014, it completed the construction of the first major investment which is a 1.000 m² aircraft maintenance hangar and flight training building. At an area of 1.000 m² opened as a theoretical training center in 2015, it has been delivering training services to candidates who want uninterrupted training.