Pressure to Perform Understanding the Dynamics of Air Pressure Within Your Hazmat Suit

By Ian Hutcheson, Market Manager, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Tarih: Issue 36 - November 2012

In the fleeting moments while donning a chemical protective hazmat suit during an emergency situation, it is natural for emergency responders to feel a sense of anxiety. A host of questions can enter the first responder’s mind while preparing to combat both known and unknown chemicals in a hazmat suit. Will I be able to manoeuvre myself effectively in this suit? How can I be sure the exhaust valves in my suit are working properly? How often does my suit need to be pressure tested?

The answers to these questions lie in understanding the engineering behind your hazmat suit. While each suit is engineered differently, a lot can be understood about the properties and performance of your suit through examining its exhaust valves. Taking the time to consider a suit’s valves will not only help emergency responders to select a hazmat suit, but ultimately provide peace of mind when in a hazardous situation.