Promod Research and Software: Unique Solutions to Unique Problems

Issue 40

Promod Research and Software is a research firm providing services in hardware/software integration, engineering software development, control design, and implementation. Promod Research and Software, founded at Bilkent Cyberpark in 2005, has based its activities at ODTU Teknokent since 2009.

Promod’s core competencies are real-time systems, vision-based automation systems, control systems, hardware/software integration, model-based design, image processing, and software quality control. The company’s principle is to implement its project-specific solutions by selecting the most appropriate technology and applying it in a specialized way. Promod’s most important investment is its research and development work, and its particular focus on remaining on the cutting edge of technology. As a research and development company, Promod’s goal is not to adapt technology, but to transform original academic-quality research to innovative products.