Providing Custom Solutions to Vibration Control and Testing Needs of the Defence Industry

Gökhan O. Özgen, Ph.D. Company Manager, HG Mekanik Ltd. Sti.

Issue 40

HG Mekanik is a recently established engineering company founded to develop products and services for vibration control and testing. Main focus of the company is to develop products and technologies for reducing vibrations in mechanical systems such that the problems associated with excessive structural vibrations in these systems are eliminated. Another major line of work of HG Mekanik is to develop vibration testing software and mechanical test systems for dynamic testing of materials and components. Company currently has a couple of product development projects but is also available for project-based work for the development of custom vibration control systems and devices, vibration testing software, material testing systems (for dynamic testing of elastomers, rubber, plastics, etc.), and mechanical component dynamic testing systems (for fatigue testing, dynamic stiffness characterization). HG Mekanik can also offer consultancy and training services in the areas of vibration control and testing methods and applications.

Company Profile: