Radar and Electronic Warfare in Land Platforms

Tarih: Issue 37 - November 2012

In looking at the historical past of the formation and change of the organizational structure of military doctrines, strategies and powers, it can be seen that certain technological, political and social developments have played an effective role. The French Revolution in 1789 and the Industrial Revolution that took place in the mid-19th century can be given as examples of these types of events. The last example in this area took place as of the beginning of the 1970s with the big leap taking place in technology.

In considering military operations in recent times, the key factors that determine the results is the rapid and correct compiling of information from the combat area, analyzing this information, transferring the analysis results to relevant elements and knowing that the other side has the capability to obstruct access to this information. For these reasons, we can state that a complete information war is being waged at the present time. In order to obtain an edge in the information war on the battleground, not only is the use of correct information regarding the opposing side at the right time, at the right place and with the right resources are important, but also preventing access to information on friendly elements by the opposing side is important as well.