REDET-II Project Deliveries Completed!

On November 9, 2019, the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) announced on its official Twitter account that the delivery of the Radar Electronic Support (ES) System was completed within the scope of the New Generation Radar Electronic Support/Electronic Attack (REDET-II) Project. However, in the announcement no information was shared regarding the delivery of Radar Electronic Attack (EA) Systems, which we consider to be ordered under the same contract, was shared in the related announcement. Aselsan had exhibited the REDET-II Electronic Attack System Vehicle during the IDEF ‘19 Fair in May 2019. Both based on the BMC 380-26Z Tactical Wheeled Vehicle, a 6x6 chassis with armored cab, the ES System Vehicle detects, identifies and locates the radar transmissions, while the EA System Vehicle ensures that the target radars are jammed, deceived and rendered unable to work.

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

As will be recalled, Aselsan had previously signed a US$26 Million contract with the SSB on April 17, 2002, to supply modern Radar Electronic Support and Electronic Attack (REDET) Systems in line with the requirements of the Turkish Land Forces Command to detect and identify target radars, obtain direction and location information and reduce or diminish their effectiveness. Under the project, a prototype system consisting of 2 Radar ES and 1 Radar EA System on MAN 6x6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces. According to open sources, one of the Radar ES Systems operating in the 0.4-40GHz band range was installed in Kilis near the Syrian border in September 2013. 

I believe that 3 ES and 6 EA Systems were ordered for the Turkish Land Forces under the New Generation Radar ES/EA (REDET-II) Systems Serial Production Phase, which was signed on March 9, 2015. REDET-II shares similar technologies with the KORAL Mobile Radar Electronic Warfare (EW) System developed for the Turkish Air Force (TurAF). For example, unlike its predecessor REDET-I EA System, the REDET-II Radar EA System can counter multiple hostile radar systems simultaneously by directing electronic beams through its active phased array jammer/transmitter antennas and active electronically scanned arrays, which are also used in KORAL EA System. Likewise, the REDET-II ES System Vehicle, which was also included in the announcement made by SSB on November 4, has two separate antennas similar to the KORAL ES System Vehicle that based on the 8x8 configuration of the MAN HX77 Tactical Heavy-Duty Truck. The rear high-gain large antenna (Horn Antenna Array) operates on broadband and is used to detect the target broadcast. The smaller cylindrical antenna in front of it, on the other hand, precisely pinpoints the position of the target broadcast detected by the broadband antenna. There are two separate antennas on the REDET-II ET System Vehicle, which I consider to be the Receiver (cylindrical, front) and Transmitter (rear).  

Although similar technologies are used in both systems, there are differences between the REDET-II and KORAL Systems in terms of output powers and detecting/jamming ranges. Since KORAL needs to detect and jam hostile radars over longer distances, it is a bigger system than the REDET-II system. While REDET-II is designed to be deployed and operated close (probably up to 100km) to an area of operations (AO), the KORAL Mobile Radar EW System can be used against hostile radars from a few hundred kilometers away.