Remote Weapon Station

FNSS Claw Remote Controlled Turret

Tarih: Issue 37 - November 2012

FNSS and Aselsan has completed the first example of the Claw Remote Controlled Turret (RCT) which it has developed as a joint venture for the home and export markets.The ability to locate a weapon system almost entirely on top of a vehicle hull with virtually no intrusion to the hull can be a major advantage. These systems also enable the gunner to be located anywhere inside the hull providing additional flexibility. This approach led the way for the Remote Weapon Stations and later to Remote or Unmanned Turrets.

Remote or unmanned turrets are fairly new players in the arena of weapon systems as alternatives to conventional turrets and remote controlled weapon stations. They can be considered as a hybrid design combining the non-intrusion of remote weapon stations with armor protection and reachability of the conventional turrets.Development of the Claw RCT started in 2008 with the first example being completed in early 2011 and this was shown in public for the first time in May 2011. The project was internally funded by both companies.