Responsibility Area of TSSÖDYP Formed by Life Cycle Management Main Group and Study Groups Under the Main Group

Tarih: Issue 86 - November 2018

As already known, studies are being conducted on the application of the Life Cycle Management approach, which takes the Logistics Support Period and the Supply Period as a whole, in our country’s defence programs / projects. Studies in the related countries, both in NATO and developed countries, are closely followed and actively participated by the Chief of General Staff, Ministry of National Defence, TAF, the presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), related public sector units and defence industry companies.

In order to integrate the know-how gained from such studies with the practices and approaches in our country, it is considered necessary to establish a platform where all relevant stakeholders can work together in order to develop country-specific models on Life Cycle Management.

To this end, the “Turkish Defence Industry Life Cycle Management Platform (TSSÖDYP)” has been established under the roof of SSB in order to conduct studies with the joint efforts of stakeholders regarding life cycle management models, processes, methods, analyzes, standards, costs, logistics planning and, Depot Level Maintenance (DSB) Capability Acquisition, Public-Private Sector Collaborations, and etc. 

Responsibility Area of TSSÖDYP formed by the Main Group responsible for platform management and Study Groups under the Main Group has been determined as follows:

To increase the level of general knowledge / experience between stakeholders in order to make scientific / practical studies on effective Life Cycle Management required by defence systems / platforms,

To put forward the approaches that can be the basis of the application, to work for more effective cost / resource and program / project management and to prepare the required documentation,

To develop approaches regarding conceptual issues and make recommendations for solutions in required areas 

To contribute to the immediate completion of the related issues by the provision of two-way communication through being a focal point function with the institutions the platform members are affiliated with

To follow national and international studies, actively participate in such studies, organize training programs, seminars and workshops

To work with the study groups to be created at the level of expert personnel

The study groups required under this Main Group will be established and the necessary documents will be prepared by these groups and presented to the Main Group. 

As regards to studies, the draft plans are expected to be submitted to the main group until December 2018.