Rheinmetall Spectac – An Innovative Stun Grenade for Military and Law Enforcement Special Operators

Tarih: Issue 108 - July 2021

Rheinmetall presents Spectac, its innovative new non-lethal effector. This rectangular stun grenade is specially designed for use by military and law enforcement special operators. The most striking feature of the easy-to-use Spectac is its smartphone-like design, with the locking ring and rocker arm ignitor built into a rectangular housing the size of a mobile phone.

Its novel design offers several advantages. Weighing approximately 350 grams, 110 mm long, 63 mm wide, and 20 mm thick, this highly ergonomic one-bang stun grenade slips easily into the tactical kit of the special operator, making it very convenient to carry. In addition, its compact design means that it can be discretely taken along on undercover and bodyguard operations. Moreover, its rectangular shape offers other tactical benefits. Unlike traditional round grenades, the Spectac does not roll away in an uncontrolled way after landing but instead comes quickly to a halt, making it ideal for use on stairways. Its maximum movement radius comes to just 35 cm at most. As a result, the desired effect reliably takes place in the intended target zone.