Rheinmetall Unveiled New Infantry Fighting Vehicle at Eurosatory

Tarih: Issue 69 - August 2016

At Eurosatory 2016 Rheinmetall presented its new Lynx infantry fighting vehicle to the international public for the first time. Agile, hard-hitting and highly protected, this state-of-the-art tracked armored vehicle is destined to dominate the modern battlefield, lending itself to operations from peace enforcement to high-intensity combat.

Mr. Ben Hudson, Head of Rheinmetall’s Vehicle Systems Division, said “Lynx is an advanced new modular family of vehicles that offers our customers the highest levels of survivability, mobility, lethality and capacity while utilising proven technologies to deliver a compelling value proposition for our global customers. Lynx delivers the capabilities that will allow our customers to fight, survive and win on the battlefields of today and tomorrow”.