Ribtech - Experts in Rigid Inflatable Boats

Issue 91 - May 2019

Today, Inflatable Boats and Rigid Inflatable Boats - RIBS, have become indispensable in many military and professional fields such as: Military Defence, Security, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, Coastal Safety, Law Enforcement, Ambulance service and Fire-fighting due to their high-speed capability, maneuverability, navigation skills, low running costs and ability to be equipped for different tasks. In addition to its own brand Northstar, Marintek Group has become the only manufacturer of the inflatable boat and RIBs in Turkey by buying all the assets of Asil Marine A.Ş. which has been known for its brand Joker since 1987. Following this development, the button was pushed for the production of high capacity and a high-tech featured boat. In this new and modern facility spanning an in-door area of 4500 m2, both Northstar and Joker brand pleasure boats are being produced as well as the brand Ribtech which is carried out by merging these two brand’s Military/Professional product line. The Ribtech inflatable boat product range has a variety of sizes and features, and also consists of RIBs up to 12 meters with hulls and decks produced by vacuum infusion or RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) technology. The company uses vinyl ester and epoxy resins as well as standard polyester resins in composite production. 

All of Ribtech’s inflatable tubes are produced either with CSM (Hypalon) which is known for its high durability or with polyurethane fabrics based on the customer’s demands.  

With the importance of military and professional demands, aluminum hull production for RIBs started as an alternative to composite in 2016. The first member of the Alupro product range, the Alupro 920 made its debut at the International Istanbul Boat Show in 2017. Following the 920, the second member of the Alupro range named the Alupro 830 made its first debut in 2018 and is fully produced in the Ribtech Izmir facility from scratch to launch. Many other new models for the Alupro range are in the development stage. With this capacity, due to the short development processes compared to composite production, fewer or larger RIB projects can be completed. 

The company, in addition to providing solutions for developing the standard product platform according to requirements, also provides customized solutions by developing projects together with the units needing the solutions. In addition to their engineering team, the company considers world-renowned design firms that are experts in Military and Professional RIB as our partners. 

Production of the necessary molds are fully realized by Ribtech. Each of their products are delivered according to the superior operational characteristics as a result of a careful development and testing process of the overall design, hull design, complete with tube geometry and capacity. 

After many successful projects, in 2017, production of 15 units of 9.5 m open RHIBs with closed cell foam tubes were started for the Bangladesh Navy, and they were delivered in 2018 with full satisfaction. In addition, 10 units of their new inflatable model the G470 F was delivered to the Bangladesh Navy, and great feedback was received following delivery as well.

Ribtech is also a solution partner of STM, which is the executive company of MİLGEM and the Pakistan Maritime Supply tanker projects at this time.  Ribtech has undertaken the tasks of developing and producing the RIBs in both projects according to user needs and requirements. Two 10-meter tender boats of the Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker were successfully completed and delivered to Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited. The tender boats and the Fast Intervention Boats of the third and fourth ships of the MILGEM project were delivered successfully, and boats for the TVEG Project are still under construction at the Ribtech facility.

 With seasoned experience spanning over 30 years, Ribtech is ready to be a solution partner with its dedicated and demonstrated effort in process improvement, product development and design quality.