Roketsan: A Team Player of Multinatiol Missile Projects

Turkey took part in the EUROPEAN COMMON ST

Tarih: Issue 12 - October 2008 Güncelleme: October 01, 2008

The subcontractor agreement was signed between LFK and ROKETSAN on 20 June 1989 and according to the contract all the necessary investments has been accomplished between 1988 and 1991. The deliveries have started to be realized in the second half of 1991. The project was completed by the last deliveries in 2004.

Stinger provides an effective and accurate solution against helicopters, fighters, cruise missiles and UAV s. With its High Explosive warhead and 8 km surface to air range, Stinger is designed to be a highly effective low altitude air defense missile with its lightness and fire-and-forget capability. Its infra-red/ultra-violet seeker and advanced algorithms makes it easier to engage targets and it neutralizes all known counter measures.

ROKETSAN is one of the defence castles of Turkey with its 107, 122 and 302 millimeters artillery rocket systems, air defence programs, antitank missiles, precision guided munitions and airbag productions; space and satellite projects, electronic warfare support center studies. Together with Raytheon (USA) company ROKETSAN took part in the engineering and development phases of “Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM)” Program specifically in the design, test and production of the flight termination unit. RAPIER Mk-2 missile’s final integration and tests for Turkish Air Force requirements are held in Roketsan’s facilities. Furthermore according the agreement with the main contractor MBDA-UK, Roketsan is also the sole producer of gas generator of actuators of these missiles.