Roketsan’s New Board of Director Appointments

Issue 60

After the General Assembly meeting which was held on March 27, 2015, the new Board of Directors of Roketsan is given below; Chairman Lieutenant General (Ret.) Mehmet Emin Alpman, Vice Chairman Major General (Ret.) Ergüder Toptaş, Board Member Brigadier General (Ret.) Asım Bülent Aker, Board Member Professor Yücel Altunbaşak,Board Member Professor Metin Yerebakan, Board Member Mehmet Sait Demirci and Board Member Ekin Özker.

Handover Ceremony took place between the former and the new Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors on March 26th, 2015. The Lieutenant General (Ret.) Mehmet Emin Alpman took the post from our former Chairman Lieutenant General (Ret.) Eyüp Kaptan. Major General (Ret.) Ergüder Toptaş has also been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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