Roketsan Tips the Scales with Products Developed through Domestic and National Technologies

Tarih: Issue 102 - December 2020

Taking place among the top 100 companies in the world in the defense industry, Roketsan continues to attract interest around the world with the technologies it has developed in accordance with the combat needs of today and the future. Having started a new era in the field of surface-to-surface missiles with the ATMACA missile, Roketsan has demonstrated the performance it promises in the battlefield with its Smart Micro Munition product family consisting of the MAM-L and MAM-C.

ATMACA, one of Roketsan's indigenous products, has become popular as a weapon system ready for use on modern navy platforms with its long range, low radar signature and high precision. ATMACA is a modern guided missile that can be used under all weather conditions and is resistant to countermeasures.  It is effective against stationary and moving targets thanks to its Target Update, Re-Attack and Re-Target and Mission Abort capability via its modern and advanced Data Link as well as its 3-D mission planning system. 

Navigating to its target by using the Global Positioning System, Inertial Measurement System, Barometric Altimeter and Radar Altimeter subsystems, ATMACA uses the active radar seeker to pinpoint its target with high precision. With a range of over 200 km, the guided missile also poses a serious threat to targets beyond its line of sight. The system offers the most efficient mode for the mission with a variety of operation modes such as time-on-target, target-shooting and target firing.

ATMACA’s structural design is also distinctive. The guided missile was designed using composite materials to reduce weight and increase structural strength in line with advanced technologies, and such technologies were utilized to the maximum extent in the production of the missile. With the contract signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and Roketsan in 2018, serial production activities for the ATMACA guided missile were launched and it is expected to be put into the service of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) by the end of the year.

Smart Micro Munition product family currently being used successfully

Developed by Roketsan in line with the combat needs of today and the future, the Smart Micro Munition product family consisting of the MAM-L and MAM-C demonstrate the performance needed on today’s battlefield. Integrated into BAYRAKTAR TB2 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and ANKA MALE UAVs in the inventory of the TAF, Gendarmerie General Command and General Directorate of Security, the Smart Micro Munition has been successfully used in operations since 2016. The MAM-L and MAM-C have moved ahead of their competitors in terms of technology coupled with proven combat experience.

The MAM-L weighs approximately 22 kg and the MAM-C weighs 6.5 kg, and they both stand out as a cost-effective solutions not only for UAVs but also for light attack aircraft. Depending on the firing altitude, the MAM-C can be used effectively within the range of up to 8 km. With the Inertial Navigation System (INS) and the optional Global Positioning System (GPS), the range of the MAM-L can be increased up to 14 km depending on the firing conditions.

With its high-explosive blast fragmentation warhead, the MAM-L is effective against light structures, unarmored ground vehicles, radar antennas, soft targets such as weapon pits and personnel disseminated over a large area. In addition, the targets on which the munition can be effective are diversified with the anti-tank and thermobaric warhead options. MAM-C, on the other hand, is effective against unshielded targets such as personnel, unarmored and light armored ground vehicles, radar antennas and weapon pits.

Roketsan has considerable experience in the integration of the Smart Micro Guided Munition product family into air platforms.  Roketsan has the capacity to operationalize the munitions for air platforms that have the required infrastructure by completing all the related integration work. In the event of the infrastructure requiring additional elements, Roketsan also offers its customers integration support as well as logistics support and training.