ROKETSAN, Turkey`s Rocket and Missile Center of Excellence, Reveals 9 New Products at IDEF`21

Prior to IDEF `21, ROKETSAN General Manager Murat İKİNCİ and ROKETSAN Chairman of the Board Prof. Faruk YİĞİT shared information to nearly 50 press members on Monday, 16 August at Swissotel, regarding the products to be unveiled at IDEF `21 as well as the company’s ongoing projects. ROKETSAN attended IDEF ‘21 the 15th International Defense Industry Fair, which was held at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul on August 17-20, 2021.

Tarih: Issue 110 - October 2021

Emphasizing that they have tried to take advantage of the time that has passed since the IDEF '19 Fair, İKİNCİ said that during this period they strived to provide products that could replace foreign-sourced products in the inventory and that were also far superior to their equivalents to friendly and brotherly countries, especially to the Armed Forces. With a focus on transforming ROKETSAN's core capabilities into products and to avoid any difficulties caused by the sanctions that the Turkish Armed Forces has faced recently, İKİNCİ also stated that ROKETSAN has a team of 3,500 people, and that there are nearly 3,000 companies currently supporting ROKETSAN.

Noting that in the first half of 2021, the ATMACA Anti-Ship Guided Missile successfully completed its final test firing and they started mass production, İKİNCİ said, “From this moment forth, we will hopefully equip our own ships with our own Anti-Ship Guided Missiles.” Stating that they will exhibit the land version of ATMACA for the first time at the IDEF Fair, İKİNCİ said, “KARA ATMACA is a surface-to-surface cruise missile capable of hitting its target with pinpoint accuracy at long range. There is an Imaging Infrared (IIR) Seeker available on ATMACA, which is different than the maritime version. With this seeker, we hopefully our Armed Forces will gain the ability to engage ground targets without being detected by radar systems. İKİNCİ also said the following about ATMACA's export potential and order status. “Several countries around the world show interest in our ATMACA Guided Missile. Certainly, the sale of them will be decided as a result of the negotiations under the guidance of our state, but I can say that the demand is very high, much higher than you can imagine. We want to share this capability especially with friendly, brotherly and allied countries with which Turkey has good relations, but for now it's too early to mention any names and quantity. We have not received an order yet.”