Rolls-Royce Aims to Build Comprehensive Range of Activities in Turkey

Mr. Tom Bel

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

Defence Turkey: RR has a history as supplier to Turkish Armed Forces, could you please inform us about your activities in Turkey performed over the years? 

Rolls-Royce engines have been powering aircraft of the Turkish Armed Forces for many decades, dating back to Spitfires that were operating in the 1940s. Our current fleet of engines in Turkey powers transport aircraft - such as the C-130 and the Transall - and numerous helicopters and is poised to expand as two major programmes enter service. The Turkish Air Force has just accepted its first A400M transport aircraft powered by the TP400 engine, in which Rolls-Royce is a major partner. Meanwhile, deliveries of the T129 ATAK helicopter, which we also power through a joint venture with the CTS800 engine, have also commenced recently. We are now working hard to ensure we have an effective and sustainable support system in place for each of these programmes and to continue to support the Turkish Air Force as it continues its equipment modernisation programme.