Rolls-Royce - Committed and Invested in Turkey with a Vision Aligned with Turkey’s Ambitions

Mr. Alex Zino, Director of Strategy & Future Programs, Rolls-Royce discusses with Defence Turkey Magazine, in an exclusive IDEF 2017 interview, the latest developments on how the UK is demonstrating its commitment to Turkey for the long-term with Industrial and G2G cooperation. He provides insight on the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre (AMTC) which is a key enabler allowing manufacturing processes to be developed, enabling more production, and allowing for research with Turkey through Alp Aviation, Kale Group, other suppliers and manufacturers within the TF-X program and beyond

Tarih: Issue 76 - July 2017 Güncelleme: July 15, 2017

Defence Turkey: Rolls-Royce has a history as a supplier to the Turkish Armed Forces, could you please assess your activities in Turkey over the years?

We have a significant presence in country with our air, marine and land presence. My focus in my role is defense aerospace; we’ve been here for roughly 50 years focused mainly on transport, back to the C160 the C130 and in transport coming on board now is the A400M which we’re part of with the TP400 engine.  We’ve also got the CTS800 in the “Atak” helicopter and most recently in the TLUH program as well. I think we have a strong presence and hopefully we can build on that through the Turkish Fighter in the coming years.