RÜZGEM - Large Scale Wind Tunnel to be Launched Soon

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019 Güncelleme: December 23, 2019

In the YFYI event held in Sakarya on November 1-2, Vice Rector of METU and Acting Chairman of ODTÜ Teknokent Prof. Ahmet YOZGATLIGIL evaluated the activities of the Middle East Technical University regarding university-industry cooperation and stated that one of Europe’s largest wind tunnel is planned to put into service very soon.

Organized by METU and ODTÜ Teknokent and held in Sakarya on November 1-2, the “New Ideas New Jobs” event celebrated its 15th anniversary for the first time outside the METU campus in order to be closer to Istanbul. “This year, investors and entrepreneurs were brought together for the first time outside of the METU campus,” Prof. YOZGATLIGIL said.

Underlining that METU is Turkey’s most pioneering university in Turkey, as per the study conducted, Prof. YOZGATLIGIL said, “This was also registered by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). In 2017 and 2018, we were at the top position amongst all universities. We expect this will continue in 2019 as well. We are carrying out critical studies with 29 research centers within our university. The research park is a project where very large scale projects are brought together. We are also exerting efforts to create these centers and infrastructures, which we gather at this research park, and will be at the disposal of all universities and entrepreneurs in Turkey. Because, as you know, university-industry cooperation plays a critical role in the development of technology that includes high technology and will serve many areas of our country and we place great importance on the roles of our research centers in university-industry cooperation.”

Stating that they are planning to open RÜZGEM center soon, one of Europe’s biggest wind tunnels, in wind research and application, Prof. YOZGATLIGIL added, “We will open one of Europe’s largest wind tunnels very soon. This wind tunnel will serve the defense industry and wind turbine developers as well as the construction sector. Currently there is great interest. There are very significant projects especially in the field of aviation in Turkey. Like the National Combat Aircraft and other helicopter projects, when this wind tunnel is launched, we will be introducing a very important infrastructure to our country and to the defense industry.”

Prof. YOZGATLIGIL also conveyed information regarding the design factory, which is performing activities within METU, and said, “This is a center established with the support of our Strategy and Budget Directorate. It is a center where multidisciplinary research is conducted together with the industry and training on prototyping and design thinking are provided. Our university-industry cooperation has been granted the highest achievement award by YÖK. This year, we received this award from the President of the Republic of Turkey. We will continue to exert efforts intensively in this field.”

RÜZGEM - Large Scale Wind Tunnel 

Built on a steel structure of 50 m x 25 m and consisting of three separate sections, the wind tunnel will serve the Defense Industry, Construction and Automotive sectors. In the test section designed for the aerospace/aviation sector, propeller and aero dynamic tests of UAVs, Armed UAVs, combat aircraft and helicopters will be performed. For the construction sector, especially construction tests of suspension bridges, high buildings, different architectural structures, stadiums and airports will be conducted at this center. The section that is able to reach the speed of 340 km/h is designed for wing profile tests in the wind energy sector. The facility also features a total of six fans, each with 400Kw/H power to generate wind speed.

The facility is expected to be launched before the end of this year.