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Issue 12 - October 2008

Advanced Stabilization Systems on Land Vehicles
As a critical element of survivability, modern armored vehicles are highly mobile. Therefore, the sights, targeting devices and weapon systems must be decoupled from the vehicle movements – they must be stabilized. ESW’s full electrical systems for aiming, stabilization and slaving of armament are part of the GTdrive product family. These products have a wide range of application in reconnaissance and combat, light and heavy vehicles. Featuring excellent stabilization and slaving quality, high reliability and availability associated with optimised life-cycle costs, they enhance fightability of a number of today’s weapon systems.
One of them is the Leopard 2 main battle tank, one of the most sophisticated armored vehicles available, which is widely regarded as the best tank in the world. It has proven its superiority in many operations and applications.
ESW’s contribution to the success of the Leopard series, including the Leopard 1A5, Leopard 2A5 and A6, are the GTdrive systems and the stabilized head mirrors for the sight systems. After upgrading the L55 smooth bore gun, the Leopard tank still features the highest stabilization and slaving qualities, resulting in an outstanding first-round hit probability. Even high unbalanced torque of the weapon/ turret system is easily controlled by the the GTdrive, which is especially important in the dual-scenario “moving battle tank vs. moving target”.
ESW is also a major contributor to the Infantry Fighting Vehicle “Puma” of the German Army, supplying important systems. These include the weapon stabilization systems which, based on the most modern control technology and digitally configurable control electronics (GTdrive), which form the foundation for a highly precise weapon system. The unmanned turret of this vehicle, equipped with the most modern sensors and a 30 mm cannon mounted off-center, are just two of its outstanding features.

Highly Energetic Systems
ESW is not only a leading supplier in the weapon stabilization market but also provides technologically superior energy components and systems for main battle tanks, wheeled combat vehicles, light armored and next generation vehicles as well as for military aircraft.
The ESW power supply systems provide all the electrical power the vehicle and its electrical consumers need. In addition to the main power supply of the vehicle, ESW also supplies auxiliary power units (APU) and emergency power systems. The generators that have been developed especially for this purpose have an extremely high power density and are high-end products in electromechanical engineering.
The right amount of power at the right time: the modular design of ESW components is the basis for a multitude of different future applications in the sector of hybrid and electrically driven vehicles. In particular for military applications it is vital that power is produced in sufficient quantities, controlled safely, distributed precisely and consumed efficiently. ESW power systems are the key, it does not matter what type of vehicle, drive systems or intended application is involved. ESW is in a position to provide compelling solutions today and is continuously intensifying its capacities in the future.
Changing deployment scenarios, application of new technologies for auxiliary components and additional loads are pushing conventional generator technologies to their limits, when it comes to providing the necessary power output. The increasing number of consumer loads as well as their rising permanent and peak performance output caused by electrification of hitherto mechanical and hydraulic realized functionalities require new designs and technologies.
There is a trend towards electrical actuation to replace mechanical, hydraulic actuation in vehicles. This leads to a rising demand for electrical power of generator systems without increasing the construction volume.
The rising number of energy loads in conventional propelled wheeled vehicles as well as the application of new technologies require generator outputs of up to 20kW across the rotational-speed range which is significantly higher than current technologies provide. The average output requirement for highly equipped vehicles will rise up to 40kW in the next decade. ESW is one of the leading suppliers for this demanding generator technology. ESW has succeeded in developing a 28VDC water-cooled generator product line of up to 500A built into the construction space of a conventional air-cooled generator. This provides enormous advantages especially for vehicles deployed in the desert.
The generators are designed as a belt-driven, brushless, water-cooled AC generator with integrated rectification. They can be operated over a wide range of rotational speeds with high efficiency – contained in a solid mechanical construction. The generators consist of a main excitation winding, an integrated voltage control unit, a rectifier and an output smoothing filter.
An integrated voltage controller governs the generator and monitors its functioning. A control amplifier with power transistor matches the excitation current to the given load situation to provide a stabilized 28V DC output voltage in compliance with MIL STD 1275. The generator can also be operated without a battery as there is a built-in load dump. An integrated monitoring circuit ensures that high and low voltages are detected and controlled. Temperature monitoring of the connected battery bank provides another useful functionality. The sensor is used to avoid overheating by changing the output voltage.

Transparent Armor for the Future
ESW has a long tradition in providing innovative technology for military vehicles all over the world. Following this tradition the business unit for composite materials presents a new concept for transparent armor, consisting of pure plastic without glass layers. The armored window provides high transparency even with increased thickness. It protects against ballistic threats as well as those from mine fragments and IEDs. One of the striking advantages of this transparent armor is that it allows continuous though reduced vision even after multiple hits.
Glass armor is difficult to shape, which is why the usual assembly for transparent armor in vehicles consists of two flat plates and a bar in the middle of the windshield window. As the ESW armored window is moldable, the bar in the middle becomes redundant allowing a wider field of vision for the driver of the vehicle.
ESW’s new transparent armor also allows a weight reduction of up to ten percent compared to conventional bullet-proof glass. This weight-saving benefits modern military vehicles ensuring increased transportability and mobility.
Environmental tests proving the suitability of the armored window and frame assembly for the needs of protected vehicles have been passed.

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