SAHA EXPO 2020, an important cooperation platform for the domestic and national defence and aerospace industry, will be held on March 25-28, 2020 under the sponsorship of major defence industry companies and institutions. International buyers will be hosted at SAHA EXPO 2020, where domestic producers show great interest

Tarih: Issue 97 - January 2020

The sponsors of SAHA EXPO 2020 have almost been finalized.  The Expo is organized by SAHA Istanbul, one of Turkey's largest clusters, and a venue where Turkey’s high-tech production potential will be exhibited. The exhibition layout plan of SAHA EXPO 2020 is reported to be completed and sponsorship requests continue to be evaluated.  The occupancy rate of the SAHA EXPO fair is stated to have reached 80% thus far.  The event is to be held under the auspices of the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Presidency of Defence Industries, and under the main sponsorship of Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association. 


Companies performing activities in defence, aviation and aerospace industries have shown great interest in SAHA EXPO 2020 and the major companies of the Turkish defence and aerospace industry have become sponsors of the fair.  Companies such as Aselsan, Turkish Aerospace, Roketsan, Baykar, STM, ASFAT, Sarsılmaz and Dener, which are important representatives of the Turkish Defence Industry in the world, have become “Platinum Sponsors” of SAHA EXPO 2020.

TEI, Meteksan Defence, TAIS, Akım Metal, Ermaksan, Saver, CANİK, Unidef, İşbir, Teknopark Istanbul and Yılmaz Makina are “Gold Sponsors” of EXPO 2020 and Havelsan, Kale Grubu, MKEK, Kardemir, Aspilsan, Altınay, OBSS, FNSS, Pavotek, İğrek Makina and Üntel are “Silver Sponsors”. SAHA EXPO 2020's “Gala and Hall Sponsor” is the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and the “Bag Sponsor” is Anova.

Companies Finalize Products for the Fair

SAHA EXPO 2020 will be an outstanding event where all stakeholders supporting the National Technology Initiative will come together and the Turkish defence and aerospace industry will meet with international professionals. Many products, systems and designs having strategic importance in the defence industry will be unveiled at SAHA EXPO 2020.  SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami KELEŞ said, “As the SAHA EXPO Fair approaches, the excitement of our participant companies increases. Many companies to participate in the fair continue their efforts intensely to finalize the products they want to exhibit at the fair for the first time. In addition to being a fair, SAHA EXPO has become an inspiring meeting point where our domestic companies of different sizes are able to exhibit their new products and projects to the right people.”

There will be special sections at SAHA EXPO 2020 which is to be held at a venue that is four times larger compared to the previous event with many more participants.  Product exhibition presentation areas will be established in a separate section apart from the booths, and companies and startups will be able to promote their recent designs and newest products in this area.

The SAHA EXPO fair, where participant companies will exhibit their latest products, designs and projects, is expected to be a significant cooperation platform. The representatives of domestic and foreign participating companies and professional visitors coming from all over Turkey and from different countries of the world will be able to conduct meetings in the B2B meeting area. The B2B registration system will be prepared by SAHA Istanbul and will be used by participants and visitors prior to the fair.  Industrialists will be able to pre-schedule appointments with the right individuals and companies that they want to meet, before the fair.

Defence Export Market Expected to Expand

KELEŞ stated that the world's leading defence industry contractor companies have been invited to SAHA EXPO 2020 and such companies are not sellers, they are buyers or companies open to cooperation. KELEŞ: “We have invited defence industry companies to SAHA EXPO 2020 from the U.S. to EU countries, and from Ukraine to Malaysia in order to discuss joint investments, technology transfer and cooperation opportunities. As in the previous fair, broad participation is expected at SAHA EXPO 2020 where professional negotiations will occur and we anticipate that our companies will generate agreements to increase their export shares.”